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Rachel Love is currently 19 years old and has been modelling for the past four years. Having always enjoyed going to fashions shows, looking at the photographs in magazines and seeing people modelling online, Rachel knew she wanted to work towards being involved in the fashion world herself. “I did my first shoot when I was 15, out at Crawfordsburn Beach with a local photographer. It was thanks to him that I gained the confidence to start seeking out more opportunities.  I mainly do bridal, beauty, commercial and catwalk work”.

Recently Rachel has been involved in Belfast Alternative Fashion Week (BAFW).She says “It was so refreshing to get to see a different side to the modelling world. I’ve always loved the more alternative and creative side to life, but haven’t always had the chance to embrace it the way I was encouraged to for BAFW”.

Rachel also tells Equal Fashion Magazine “That is one of my favourite things about modelling, it introduces you to so many fantastic people, both in terms of talent and personality. It gets you to engage with more people, and see more of the world around you. It is empowering and certainly has helped me over the years to become more confident both in my looks, and in my social ability, and has lead to me becoming an IKON for ACE The Alternative Commercial Equal Agency for 2017! I’m lucky to have the support from my family, boyfriend and friends, and the opportunities with the many fantastic makeup artists, photographers, designers, hair stylists and fellow models that I have now and have met over the years.”