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Daniela is a 42yr old single mother of 4 who believes your never too old to start something new and when she was scouted in the summer 2016 by Angel Sinclair of Models of Diversity London, she saw an opportunity to showcase mature models and mums in a different light. 
Daniela was in a very difficult relationship and breaking free has given her the mind set of always being open to new things, she now trains in Muay Thai with the intention of having at least 1 fight saying “I want to set an example to my children and to women that being over 40 doesn’t mean you have to look and dress a certain way”  Daniela goes on to say  “I love diversity in people and piercings and tattoos are one of the best forms of expression, along with clothing, hair and make up. Modelling is an amazing avenue to explore diversity.

My adventure in modelling is just beginning, I’m building my portfolio and I’ve shot with some fantastic photographers and this makes such a difference. I want to take this as far as I can go, with photography and catwalk, always pushing the boundaries of people’s perception of age and beauty”