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Lady Lush Lisa is a mother of four daughters, and by no means the media`s idea of a perfect model!  In 2007 Lisa was involved in a car accident and as a result became a right leg amputee, this subsequently involved over 40 operations and much recuperation both physically and mentally, it posed many challenges & changes to herself, as well as her family.
Life became very tough, as many of the things Lisa had previously taken for granted became new problems, whilst all along dealing with the pain and discomfort from operations. Lady Lisa Lush’s life became reduced to looking after the children and ‘sit down’ pursuits like decorating dolls houses, hand sewing and reading.
Fortunately in 2008 a friend offered Lisa work to be a model for photographer David Daken and never did she assume her images would be liked. Surprisingly further work came from forward thinking alternative designers such as, Wyte Phantom, Engineers of Desire, Forever in Black, and Catriona Stewart latex to name a few. Lisa has gone on to be part of Bram Stokers Film Festival,  ‘Alternative Model of the Year’ finalist 2013, German Fetish Ball, also appearing on television programs on the discovery channel “The Outsiders” and channel 4`s “Makeover on Fleek”. Lisa has also been in various publications, books, newspapers and magazines, some for being Britain’s first amputee pole dancer. Lisa has been part of art events and public speaking over the years and soon to be talking at Manchester War Museum of the differences good care and positivity can make to the disabled. Depending on Lisa’s current state of health she will model in her wheelchair or prosthetic limb and says she is always up for new creative challenges whilst building awareness of disability and of her passion for costume.
Modelling rebuilt Lady Lisa Lush’s confidence and helped return her to be who she wanted to be, but also to assist others in how disability is seen. Lisa tells us “It is not unattractive, it’s a part of life that many live with and is not an inability to be attractive, or creative for that matter. Modelling is a chance to show the world what and who you can be. It makes people think twice about the label of “disability” This was the basis of building Lisa and in turn gave her the strength to give to others with disabilities. Lisa is a volunteer for L.I.M.B visiting and assisting other amputees.
Bit by bit Lisa can enjoy the things she used to love like walking, swimming and traveling whilst adding to her personal challenges along the way. She has recently tried, monofin and climbing to! Lisa has worked from being a Goddess to Krampus, a pirate to a latex model, and as a result has now turned her hand to creating clothing & props as well as making her own Outlander inspired costumes that have gained much interest and she aims to make more next year. Lisa’s birthday is 24th of January 1974 Body measurements; 40″ chest 32″ waist 40″ hips 5ft 8in height. Lisa says “No matter what you wear, the era, on trend or not, your body type, they all can change. But a smile is always your best accessory”.
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