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23 year old Chaila Bari comes from Guinea-Bissau in Africa, a small country not far from Senegal. Since very young, Chaila has always dreamed of becoming a professional model. 
Her family, noble and traditional, insisted she finished her first computer engineering studies. Chaila’s parents opposed her idea of pursuing a career as a model. But, Chaila found the courage to go beyond in order to realize her dream. The first step was the opportunity to come to Europe, where she became free to discover who she really was and what she was capable of doing, finding hope, step by step, Chaila’s dream came true.

Chaila participated in several fashion competitions in Belgium, France and Holland. Working a lot with professional photographers. Several of Chaila’s photos have been published in various papers and magazines online. Winning several titles such as Miss Elegance, Miss Photogenic, Miss Guinea-Bissau France, her experience has multiplied.

Chaila was also a presenter on some channels on YouTube and did small roles in the Flemish TV series “Salamander” and appeared in 2 nominated Nigerian Nollywood films “The Brother” and “The Choice”. Chaila’s dream did not stop there. Chaila’s aim is to become a teacher for models and actresses full time and at an international level. Chaila says “I am ambitious and I want to reach the top. This will allow me to realize another dream, to help disadvantaged children in Europe and Africa like the actress who inspires me a lot, Angelina Jolie”.