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Featured as Merlin The Wizard in Guy Ritchies new 6 Part Epic – “King Arthur The Legend of the Sword”.

From a young age I was acting. Even in Kindergarden I wanted always to play in each show and in primary and secondary school. I come from a Noble Polish family, but after huge repercussions of Austrian and Russian influence we lost all of what we had after my Earls grandparents from Ascomans roots which only left the whisper of family stories and legends of a 1500 year old family, or even older.

My mother was a tailor, my father was an Army Tank Driver , after the army he was a lorry driver. In secondary school I joined the school theatre with huge influence from Gardzienice. Here I was a light man and technician always wanting to play, but it was only for chosen ones. Eventually I played from time to time in place of other actors. We won many awards around Poland and some international competitions, but I was still educating myself in the direction of my hobby of Medicine – so I couldn’t decide to be an actor or Doctor surgeon.

I didn’t pass my first time exams to Polish Film school ( which was my dream in that time )  but I got to Medical University in Łódź  where I finally done a graduate as a Midwife – Surgeon Nurse. In the meantime of medicine in university I was additionally a student of Polish film school and performed in many musicals, theatre plays and student’s movies, additionally working as a booker for acting agencies and as a Model. I always wanted to be better like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee / Sir James Bond – so I joined Stunt Academy as a circus actor doing human torch shows, fire shows and Car crush shows for money.

I was studying at the same time for 4 different universities educating myself to be a better medic and actor. Finally I overheated and went to Mongolia to perform with an international Circus crew from Israel for 2 months. There i lived with Israeli soldiers on a field catching wild horses, living in a tent for another 2 to 5 months. After years and nights with many performances, sleeping and working in art, cinema and artistic Bar Łódź Kaliska ( my additional jobs) I joined the circus in Poland.  So being 22 years old I had a full rainbow of experience. Since then I have played in over 1000 shows entertaining people around the world, educating thousands of youths and kids in acting skills. In 2005 I won my first TV and cinema global advert as Fashion Prophet – Jesus of House Fashion Company ” Freak your mind ” Directed by the talented Suzzanne Gizynska.