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Foxglove is a dancing alien witch alter ego that expresses occult rituals; science fiction; extra terrestrial life; political subversion; Jungian archetypes, psychology; cyborgs; post-humanism and nightmares. 

Foxglove is intrigued by what lies in the liminal space between worlds, that silent void between one thought and another, where the in-breath stops and the out-breath starts. There’s a whole network of other dimensions out/in there and Foxglove believes if you take a moment to train yourself, you can slip through the cracks and see them.  You can expect Foxglove to manifest in the space and drag a portion of his universe with him, kind of like a goldfish in a bowl. We don’t quite know what his natural habitat looks like yet and it may even be beyond human senses or understanding. For that reason, there may be unexpected flashes of light, atmospheric disturbances, magical sigils and symbols, ritualistic acts, attempts at communication.

Foxglove has performed at Unleashed, Berlin Berlin, Sabajaq, Psycho Ward, Reptile and due to perform at Cabaret Caramel. Foxglove performs a mixture of ballet, contemporary dance with costumery and physical arts. Foxglove currently has two honed and polished performances called “Emergence” and “Dweller on the Threshold” both of which you can see photos on his website: Website