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Conchobhar Corbmac MacDaibhidh ( pronounced in English, Conor Cormac Davidson ) is an up and coming male model and professional photographer from Bangor County Down Northern Ireland.
Conchobhar made his modelling face known to the local Belfast and Dublin fashion scene by appearing in Style Warriors 2 in Swords Dublin and Belfast Alternative Fashion Week both held in 2016. Immediately Conchobhar was a favourite with everyone with his awesome beard and moustache, vintage suits, modern accessories, mohawk hair, gentlemanly and courteous personality. Everyone thought a lead character from The Vikings or Game of Thrones just walked in through the door.
…a lead character from The Vikings or Game of Thrones just walked in through the door…
Conchobhar’s experience as a photographer means he knows how to strike a cool pose every time which lends itself very well when being photographed at fashion shows. When modelling Conchobhar at time goes by the alternative name “King Cormac” taken from the fair ancient King of Ireland  Cormac mac Airt (son of Art), also known as Cormac ua Cuinn (grandson of Conn) or Cormac Ulfada (long beard) who was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland. He is probably the most famous of the ancient High Kings and may have been an authentic historical figure, although many legends have attached themselves to him, his reign is variously dated as early as the 2nd century and as late as the 4th. He is said to have ruled from Tara, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, for forty years, and under his rule Tara flourished. He was famous for his wise, true, and generous judgments.