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In this tribute to the late great grandmaster, jazz & fusion extraordinaire Larry Coryell we pay homage. Larry was a gentle giant in the music world, a supernova of knowledge and skill who inspired the hearts and minds of those he performed in front of time and time again. 
When we see performances so unique and outstanding, like Larry’s famous version of the “Bolero” on acoustic guitar, it is a true moment of intense inspiration that grabs your attention in a way like no other and remains as a driving force in our lives forever, like a point of reference you can turn to if you need a boost in your spirits to excell in your musical journey. Very much like the way Jimi Hendrix affected so many in his time and still does to those hearing him for the first time today. Larry Coryell has had the same effect too and likely will continue to do so.
In musical circles it has often been said Larry Coryell was and still is thee greatest guitarist in the world. Some of us may never have heard of him, this could be your first time, for others it is common knowledge. Larry Coryell excelled in Jazz to a level beyond the rest, transcending the boundaries of many styles of music not just jazz to eventually pioneer the style of fusion playing in the 1960’s up to the present day. Merging many musical cultures of the world onto his fret board Larry paved the way for our contemporaries in fusion style playing and jazz.
Without sounding corny if it is possible, but try and imagine witnessing a huge shooting star blaze through the night sky for the first time ever in your life, you would be amazed, shocked, excited, totally blown away and you would always be talking about it. Your imagination would travel and unravel trying to figure it all out leaving you thinking what the hell did I just see, it was beautiful, but I can’t explain it, WOW! That is what Larry Coryell could do to you by simply strumming his fusion style on a guitar. Some people just dedicate themselves to their love of music so much that they leap years ahead of everyone else, boggling and inspiring you simultaneously along the way. Thank you for the music Larry, you inspired the world, now you can inspire the universe.  Larry Coryell died peacefully on February 19th 2017 at 73 years young. May he rest in peace.