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From a young age Jane always knew Beauty was going to be something she would pursue. Jayne lifted a makeup brush when she was 12 years old and to this day she hasn’t put them down.

Mind you her application with them has definitely improved!

To pursue her dream in the Beauty industry Jayne went on to qualify as a Beauty, Holistic, Make-up and SFX Artist. As Jayne’s passion for Beauty evolved so did her creativity for other hobbies. One day she picked up a brush, but this time it wasn’t a makeup brush it was a painting brush, Jayne had this new found love for not only painting faces but for painting pictures.

As her skill grew she was lucky enough to appear on Channel 4 at the Watercolour Challenge, which then sparked her love with the Media and Film Industry. After working from home and having a family Jayne took her passion for beauty to the next level and started working in the South West College Lecturing Beauty and Holistic Therapies.

In her spare time she attended courses with Ali Gordon, Paddy McGurgan and LA Academy of Creative Arts. In 2014 Jayne decided to really step out of her comfort zone and take part in the Irish Body Painting Championships in Dublin.

Jayne was lucky enough to come 2nd in this competition, which really boosted her confidence! With this newfound confidence came an alter ego “Canturin Cassie” which was a comedy makeup video that Jayne uploaded to Youtube, which went viral with over 330,000 views. “You can imagine my confidence now” states Jayne.  Jayne Daley’s creative journey has continued from collaborating on photo shoots with RSVP starring Nathan Carter to appearing on Irish TV with Brian Gallagher. Working on set at BAFW 2016 (Belfast Alternative Fashion Week) has also helped Jayne accumulate a diverse set of skills that she is continuing to use in this ever, evolving beauty industry.