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Doris Herman is a Jewellery maker from Rheinbrohi Germany. Her stunning Jewellery is the perfect syzygy between husband and wife. Doris collects the tiny pieces of scrap metal and wood carvings and other various minute cut offs from her husbands work shed and transforms them into these delicate and beautiful pieces of creative artistic jewellery. 
This wonderful work by Doris has spurned her husband further and he now tries to find more new intricate pieces of minute shavings in his shed. This technique could easily inspire a lot more new ways of shaving methods to create many more interesting and intricate forms of Jewellery .
It is truly amazing how something taken for granted by most can be turned into such beautiful creative works of artistic Jewellery and inspire your imagination in the same breathless moment. Time and time again it has been said “some of the most beautiful things in life are often hidden in plain sight.” When Doris Hermann after a long pause picked up abstract painting as a hobby again in 2014, she could not have imagined that she ended up in creating unique jewellery one day.
At the same time her husband surely could have not imagined that the discarded metal from his company would once be part of an international fashion show but it’s just been this discarded metal which has made the difference.
While for most people, it’s just industrial waste, for Doris the metal scrap has always been both the inspiration and the base of her creativity. As MetalVlorphose she used rather big metal shavings for her mixed media paintings in the beginning.  However, soon the house was not big enough to hang up all the paintings and Doris had to find new ways to present her beloved scrap.
In February 2016, she created her first tiny collages inside amulets. Inspired by organic shapes, the unique combination of the tiny, stiff and sharp edged metal cuttings with soft pastes, chalk, crystals, and various colours garnered a lot of attention right from the start – not only in Germany.
In May 2016, Shelley Rodgers discovered MetalVlorphose’s unique jewellery and invited her to showcase at the Belfast Alternative Fashion Show.“Getting to know Shelley Rodgers was surely one of the best things that happened to me in 2016. Showcasing my jewellery at Alternative Fashion Week did not only push my creativity immensely, but also helped me to establish international contacts.“

One year after her plunge into jewellery, Doris has not only created necklace pendants but also bespoke accessories like chokers or headpieces for role-players and burlesque dancers.