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My passion is to inspire creative empowerment through the journey of personal development, self-discovery and creative mastery in your art, your business and your life. I’m as equally passionate about learning as I am about sharing knowledge, experiences and philosophy to help shape a positive environment for creatives to thrive.

I’ve been that start up business and grown it, I’ve navigated other small businesses and a global organisation back from the brink, I’ve burnt out, felt the stress, learnt the lessons and left behind me strong foundations for others to flourish from. I understand the challenges and frustrations most creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and organisations face, enabling me to help guide you to create your solutions. I am experienced in moving through the transition of ‘stuck’ to fulfilment – reaching that all- important full potential. I’m committed to the journey it takes to bring calm to chaos and facilitate positive change … one step at a time.

I’m a creative thinker, a fine art photographer, stylist, art director, inspirational speaker, photographic competitions judge, mentor and qualifications examiner, I’ve won awards, gained qualifications, I have travelled the world because of my creativity and exploring it. Both my artwork and creative writings have been published online and in print globally. I love nothing more than to share and facilitate inspirational and motivational workshops to help others embrace developmental change, uncover creativity, and unlock the potential within.

Image Credits: Creative Director: Shelley Rodgers, Designer NuStyleglasgow (Glasses & Watches) Designer Titanic Denim