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Colum McEvoy began his professional career as an artist with one ambition: to create fine art works, which stretched his own ability to capture the essence of the subject matter.
Watercolour and oil technique brings photorealism to traditional Irish landscapes, nudging the observer towards a deeper appreciation of the subliminal messages communicated by art. Pretty pictures are out and challenging fine art is in. His mentor Jim Sherry of Rostrevor impressed upon him from early in life the importance of integrity – in subject matter, materials used, the process of expression. They shared a profound, innate understanding of what art is really about. A love of the smell, the texture, the handling and care of every aspect of the work are all ingredients in the true artist’s store. And both of these significant artists embraced other forms of artistic expression.

Colum has collaborated with Marie McStay on several projects.  ‘Carlingford Lough’ the first book to present the story of that area of Ireland in words and watercolour; ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’ a moving installation of personal growth through audio and visual fragments; exhibitions in pop up galleries.