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The successful inauguration of EQUAL EVENTS first event “BELFAST ALTERNATIVE FASHION WEEK” (aka BAFW) in Nov/Dec of 2016 has brought a new wave of fashion that some people are calling “Alternative Chic” hurtling to the forefront of its industry. Exploding into our lives suddenly with impressive and resounding style, bringing highly artistic and fine arts designers, hair & make up artists with unique models this jaw dropping, breath taking and inspirational show has carved a bright new future out for itself and all of those involved.

BAFW is the brainchild and vision of Northern Ireland photographer Shelley Rodgers who is also the founder of World Equal Magazine & online promotional service ACE The Alternative Commercial Equal Agency. Shelley says “I wanted to bring the pages of Equal Fashion Magazine to Life in the form of a live alternative fashion show with live music and various other arts included, also to bring the most artistic and creative designers, make up artists and professional photographers together on a platform where they can celebrate and showcase their incredible hard work and talent that in many cases has gone largely unseen in years before”.

Shelley also says “I wanted to bring people from all walks of life and trends together, to be diversely inclusive so i invited international models and designers from Dublin, London, Germany and Scotland to show their talent alongside the very best of the local talent we have to offer in Belfast. I am very proud to say the connections i have brought together have now got some of our Northern Ireland Designers and Jewellery makers exporting and selling their work around the world, one local Designer Emma Gilles of Crafty Belfast is selling in shops such as “Music Meets Fashion” in Camden Town London already so we have simulated growth in business there.

Through BAFW we have connected a lot of like-minded people together which have in turn created partnerships in business on a more local level. This was one of my main goals, to provide an environment to stimulate growth in the alternative business scene. I and my colleagues wish all the new businesses and people who have connected through the BAFW project the very best for the future”.

Shelley praises the support of sponsor and highly respected head of Make Up for BAFW Mrs Julia Clements who has been integral part of the concept from the beginning, Co Founder partner Ciarán Mac Searraigh who was the musical director and Emma Gilles of Crafty Belfast.

Special thanks also goes out to Dublin born Mr Gordon Flynn aka “The Godfather of London & Dublin Fashion” who made his first appearance on the catwalk in Ireland in over 10 years earning the Wild Rover a new nickname here as “The Prodigal Son of Fashion”. Gordon flew over from London to support BAFW, showcase his Gothic Designs and model too. Inspired at the depth and effort gone into this first time event Gordon was so impressed he offered his services to be Creative Director for the three events “Fairytale & Gore” held in The Great Elmwood Hall, Body Art n Ink held in the Europa Hotel and the Grand Finale Audio & Visual held in The Whitla Hall, all iconic buildings in Belfast. Gordon said to Shelley  “I have been following the growth of BAFW online in London since it’s birth and it has been a beautiful journey to see it blossom into such an amazing event, many have tried to do this in London and have failed, we are all very impressed and proud to be a part of this new wave in fashion, it is intoxicating, everyone was so welcoming and nice to me as well i could not have asked for more” Gordon tells us that after years of working in the world fashion circuit industry from New York Fashion Week to Paris, LA, Milan, Tokyo, London and many more BAFW has inspired him so much he has even decided to move back to Dublin to focus on the incredible talent Ireland and it’s designers have to offer !

EQUAL EVENTS are now planning their first fashion show for 2017 to be held in the summer of 2017 at Canal Court Hotel in Newry City called NEWRY & MOURNE FASHION WEEK, which will have a more commercial flavour but still with a sprinkle of alternativeness. The foundations have now been cast in iron for an alternative fashion week to be held in the City of Belfast again. Negotiations are already in place for a Dublin and London Alternative Fashion Week too. The alternative fashion shows have a huge capacity to travel the globe, embracing diversity everywhere in its uniquely daring, captivatingly creative and liberating way coining the catchphrase “Underground Over ground Alternatives Free”. These are the kind of shows you do not want to miss.  To follow what Equal Events are doing find them on facebook at this link: Belfast Alternative Fashion Week